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      key boards such as Aruba Networks and Clarip. He is also an in-demand speaker and a go-to source for media.

Paul Cassell- Our Founder


Paul Cassell has earned the respect of the nation’s technology community -- from Wall Street to Silicon Valley -- as a trendsetter CIO with a 25-year track record of transforming organizations. He has held leadership positions at some of the world’s most influential firms, from NYSE Euronext and its iconic New York Stock Exchange to Archipelago and IBM.
His firm, PC IT Consulting Inc., allows clients to benefit from Cassell’s stature as one of the nation’s leading experts in how to transform organizations by balancing cost and innovation, changing corporate culture and leveraging automation.

Cassell understands technology. But what sets him apart is the ability to come into an organization, spot weaknesses -- and fix them. This leadership style has earned Cassell the nickname “The Transformer.” Cassell has become a sought-after advisor to

While working as acting CIO for Pico Trading, Cassell was tasked with developing a Global technology strategy as well as setting a technology roadmap for the future. Prior to guiding PC IT Consulting he was the U.S. chief information officer for NYSE Euronext, Cassell oversaw a $300 million budget for an S&P 500 company with more than $3.5 billion in annual revenues and a workforce in excess of 1,500 that spanned three continents and 10 countries. NYSE is the world’s largest equities platform, trading more than one-third of cash equity volume. While most people think of NYSE Euronext as a financial institution, at heart it is really a complex technology company, whose ability to process three billion transactions a day keeps global markets moving. Behind the scenes, Cassell helped keep this massive apparatus humming and helped transform the way the company operated.

In previous roles, Cassell served as a managing director at Archipelago, managing director at Instinet, senior business analyst at Optimark Technologies, program trader/systems analyst for the Floor Broker Network and as an equities trader for IBM Retirement Funds. Among his career highlights, Cassell helped take Archipelago public, became the lead equity trader for a $30 billion-dollar pension fund by age 30, and created an automation group that reduced KTLO (“keep the lights on”) costs by $30 million in one year. Cassell is also a demonstrated expert in technology mergers, having been tapped to lead the technology aspects of five high-stakes mergers and acquisitions.

Cassell has been quoted in national industry media outlets such as CIO magazine and FierceCIO, and has been a featured speaker at forums such as the CIO Summit and ServiceNow Knowledge conference.